2021 Planner Set Up

I use my planner to organize my personal life and my work life. Without it, I would go crazy. Everyone who works from home should use a planner.

The links to Everything I use are at the bottom.

I use the CEO Dividers from Cloth and Paper.

Schedule. Here I like to keep my routines, my work tasks, and my period tracker. I also have a Morning Mindset Dashboard that I like to use for planning my day or week. In the same tab, I like to keep 3 months at a time because I like to plan quarterly, and I use the Monthly dividers and weekly inserts from Cloth and Paper. At the end of each month, I like to reflect on my finances and see how much I have spent each week as well as what was my balance using one of the finance inserts from the finance bundle from Cloth and Paper.

Lists. Here I like to keep a list of things I want to buy, shows I want to watch, home projects I want to work on, crystals I want and need, my favorite Kylie Products, and a list of workouts that I want to try.

Projects. I use this section for both work and personal projects. I keep different sections in this particular section of my divider. The first section is called RUBYALEJANDRAXO, I like to keep Blog Ideas and colab ideas in this section. The next section is for Merch ideas, I like to jot down collection ideas and keep merch sketches. the third section I keep is my Gift Shop business, Creations by RUBYALEJANDRAXO, and I just keep ideas and cheat sheets for making t-shirt designs. The last section is for my personal projects for my home.

Finances. I like to keep my finance goals first because I’m an adult and have to look into the future. I also keep the 7 steps to wealth by Dave Ramsey. In this section, I like to keep inserts from the Finance bundle from Cloth and Paper.

Goals/Ideas. I just keep my main goals, career goals, relationship goals, and sanity goals. In this section, I also keep random notes and ideas.

Misc. I keep three sections here. I have a Private section, where I keep health info and password hints. The next section I keep is a section for my boyfriend and me, here I keep date ideas and future plans we have together. The last section I keep here are Contacts, I only keep important contacts in case of an emergency.

I like to keep an INBOX Dashboard from Cloth and Paper as my front cover. And I like to keep important tasks that I have to do for the day.


  1. Planner
    • Leather Personal Planner Large Jet Black (Gold)
  2. Dividers
  3. Inserts
    • 2021 Dated Planner Inserts | Vertical Weekly Lined | Monday Start
    • To-Do Task Planner Inserts
    • Cornell Style Note Inserts
    • Contacts Inserts
  4. Printables
  5. Accessories
    • “INBOX” Transparent Planner Dashboard
    • “Work In Progress” Half Page Planner Dashboard
    • Moleskine 2pk College Ruled Solid Composition Notebook
    • Ultimate Point Gel Pen