Christmas 2020: The Way My Family Celebrated This Year

Every year my family stays home on the 24th and they come over the 25th.

On the 24th we usually just chill. My grandmother wakes up early to start cooking. By 8:00 am I’m usually waking up and start getting ready. By 2:00 pm the food is ready and I eat while watching “The Grinch.” By 6:30 pm my grandmother starts doing the rosary. And by 7:00 pm, Baby Jesus is in his bed.

On the 25th my family comes over. This year might be a little different and we won’t have a Full house on the 25th.

“No one should be alone on Christmas.”

Cindy Lou Who

But I will be FaceTiming my family members. And sending them my annual holiday card.

I hope the next year I get to see my entire family.

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