Joyful Surprise: Discovering My Pregnancy and Sharing the News with My Husband

DISCLAIMER: I found out I was pregnant around Christmas 2022.

How I Found Out

I noticed the initial indication when my menstrual cycle deviated from its usual pattern of punctuality. It’s worth noting that my periods are consistently on time. To monitor my cycle, I rely on the Flo Period app. Upon realizing that my period was overdue, I decided to take the Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test, assuming it would yield a negative result. This was because I had recently taken the morning-after pill a few days prior. To my surprise, the pill seemed to have been ineffective, as the test displayed a positive outcome. Seeking further confirmation, I took an additional five tests, one of which was the Digital Clearblue Pregnancy Test. I needed to see the word “PREGNANT” before fully grasping the situation.

Sharing the News with My Partner

On that very evening when I discovered the news, I shared it with my husband right after he concluded his Call of Duty gaming session. The magnitude of the revelation left him utterly stunned, and it wasn’t until we listened to our baby’s heartbeat during my initial prenatal appointment that it truly sank in for both of us.

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