My Thoughts on the New Rebelde Series on Netflix

Rebelde was a Mexican telenovela that Televisa produced. It was based on Rebelde Way by Cris Morena. But the Rebelde I watched became more popular. It basically had three seasons and 440 episodes.

I rate the New Rebelde Series 10/10

This new generation has lots of HEAT. Nothing compared to my Rebelde generation. This new generation has its own story.

I need Answers to these Questions tho.

  • What happend with Pilar and Tomas?
  • Is Celina Ferrer married to Max? Did she have her baby? How old is her baby?
  • Is Carlo Colucci still in jail?
  • Does Luka Colucci admire his cousin Mia Colucci?
  • How many years have passed since Mia, Roberta, Lupita, Diego, Giovanni, and Miguel graduate from Elite Way school?
  • What happend with the Colucci Empire of Textiles? Are they still in the Fashion business?
  • Where is Franco and Alma living? Are they still together?
  • Why does Elite Way School look different? New building?
  • Is Leon Bustamante in jail?

Check out their Music.

The New Rebelde Generation
My Rebelde Generation


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