Our Reception was too AMAZING and DREAMY for EVERYONE

Our Reception took place at the Royal Garden Banquet. It started at 6:00 PM and ended at 1:00 AM.

At 6:00 PM, guests started arriving and we had a Private Photoshoot in the Bridal Room.

We started eating dinner started a bit late around 7:30ish PM, because our guest did not arrive on time. But the food was GOOD AF.

At around 8:00 PM, we started our Entrance, First Dance, Father Daughter Dance, and Mother Son Dance. We also danced the Dollar Dance. The snake of the women and the bouquet toss. The snake of the men and the garter toss. We also had a Special performance by my cousin Destiny. She sings BEAUTIFUL.

By 9:00 PM the DJ started playing Music and our guests started dancing.

The LIVE music started playing around 10:00 PM. I am so glad they took a break, and that DJ played music too. I am not a big fan of LIVE music.

By 12:00 AM, I took my Wedding Dress OFF. At the end of the DAY, I was so done. I just wanted to come home. I had blisters on my feet. My legs were hurting.

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