Our Wedding Ceremony was so Special for US and Our Families

Our Ceremony took place at St Genevieve Catholic Church at 3:00 PM

Why 3:00 PM?

The hour of Jesus’ agony, that is, three in the afternoon, is a very special time in the devotion to Divine Mercy. In this hour we try to remain in spirit at the foot of the Cross of Christ, in order to beg mercy for ourselves and for the whole world by virtue of the merits of his Passion.

“Hora De La Misericordia: Divina Misericordia – Santa Faustina – El Diario – Jesús, En Ti Confío – Congregación.” Lang, 

I chose 3:00 PM for Our Ceremony. I wanted that time for a reason. It seemed special to get married at that time.

The priest I chose, was so funny. But made Our Ceremony MEMORABLE. He interacted very well with US and our Guest. His name is Rev. Andres Beltran. His masses are always understanding to me and teach me something every time. He made us all LAUGH so much that we weren’t Nervous as we were at the beginning of Our Ceremony.

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