Revealing the Baby News to Family

Oh my goodness! Where do I even begin? The story goes like this: Initially, I confided in my mom about my big news because she had a dream about it. It was an unstoppable urge, so I spilled the beans while we were on our way to Tjmaxx.

Since it was my first pregnancy, I experienced some discomfort that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. It turned out to be round ligament pain, but everything was so unfamiliar and overwhelming that I became frightened. I asked my mom to rush me to the hospital, and in the process, she had to inform my grandma. Looking back, I wish I could have chosen a different way to share the news with her, but sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. On that very same day, I also revealed the news to my grandpa because all he knew was that I was in pain and had been rushed to the hospital.

For everyone else in my immediate family, I opted for a different approach. I sent them a photo via text, announcing my pregnancy. Thankfully, they all took the news well and offered their congratulations.

I have to admit, I did keep my pregnancy a SECRET from everyone in the Extended Family. Although I’m pretty sure, a few members knew through third parties.


I think keeping it low key, was the best decision I ever made.

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