The Engagement & My Family’s Reactions to ME getting Engaged

The Engagement

We actually started talking about getting married before COVID. I never wanted a BIG proposal as other girls want. So it was just US two alone in my grandma’s living room on Saturday, January 22, 2022. It was very US. I hid my engagement ring for a day.

My Family’s Reaction

My Mom: She saw the Zales Box that I left in my room. And that’s how she found out.

My Dad: I actually bought him a Wallet with a note that said, “The Father of the Bride pays for the Wedding. Right?” And I gave it to him as he returned from Guatemala. It was an Amazing WELCOME HOME gift.

My Grandma: It took me a few days to tell her. But she was happy. I know she was. I’m her first grandchild to do things right (having a Church Wedding.)

My Grandpa: He didn’t show much emotion. But I know he was happy when I told him. And I’m his Oldest Grandchild to get Married. I know he’s happy I did things right too.

The Rest of my Family: I FaceTimed them and just showed them my ring. Some family members said, “You’re getting Married already.” Others were Surprised. And others were in disbelief. I also sent a couple of them a Wedding Announcement Photo to those who I couldn’t FaceTime.

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