The Importance of Having a Skincare Routine

BEFORE READING I JUST WANT TO SAY I AM NO DERMATOLOGIST. I am just giving my opinion on the importance of taking care of your skin. 

A skincare routine is something you should do and have in order to improve the condition of your skin, especially the skin on your face. Your skin is one of the largest organs your body has, and it works hard every day to protect our body from harmful elements. The reason why you should have a skincare routine is because our skin sheds daily, beautiful skin is a lifelong process, prevention is easier, saves you money, helps you look good and feel good, and helps establish other healthy routines. 

You should start taking care of your skin at the age of 12. And at the age of 24 to 28, you should begin your anti-aging skincare routine. Make sure to use sunscreen, as it’s the most important product if you want to prevent aging. Before starting a skincare routine make sure to find out what your skin type is. And maybe do some research on what is best for your skin. 

You should take care of your skin DAILY. Everyone should include a skincare routine in the morning and night. To take care of your skin you should stay hydrated, change pillowcases at least once a week, wash or wrap up hair before bed, wear sunscreen every day and apply 15 minutes before going out.

The perfect Skincare Routine consist of using:

  • Oil Cleanse: Removes dirt and makeup. 
  • Foam Cleanse/Exfoliate: Deep cleanses your pores. 
  • Tone: Use gentle toner if you have sensitive skin like Rose Water. Use once a week. 
  • Essence: Apply to areas prone to problems like dark spots or acne. 
  • Eye Cream: Use your ring finger to gently dab under your eye area. 
  • Serum: Apply all over the face in gentle upward strokes. 
  • Face Mask: Once a week to get deep hydration in your skin. 
  • Moisturise: Apply every day. 
  • Sunscreen: Use before going out. 

Some of the products I use for my skin are: 

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