The Music Played at Our Wedding had Everyone DANCING!!!

Huge THANK YOU to Pink Noise for making Our Wedding Reception MEMORABLE. They literally Organized my Event with a schedule which was so helpful. I loved how they respected my playlists but also played music of their choosing.

Greeting Guest with Great Music.

I wanted to Greet Guests with music that would prepare them for what was to come.

Dinner Music that isn’t Boring.

Every time I go to a Fancy Party.. they play classical music. When I created this playlist, I knew I wanted LOVE SONGS. I didn’t want my guest to fall asleep.

Special Dance’s

First Dance as Husband & Wife: My Only One by Sebastian Yatra

Father-Daughter Dance: Mi Persona Favorita by Alejandro Sanz & Camila Cabello

Mother-Son Dance: Amor de Madre by Victor Manuel

Surprise Performance

Destiny Mililani

Cover: Que Bonito by Rosario


The Party!!!!

The Baile was AMAZING. I’m glad my Guest Danced to the music I chose.

Live Music by Alacran Norteño

The Live Music was a Wedding Gift from my Brother-In-Law. I’m not a BIG FAN of LIVE MUSIC.. but I have to admit the Band was Good.

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