Update of my Life as a Married Woman

I’ve been married for 6 months, and marriage has been great for my husband and I.

The first night we didn’t sleep at all. Because it was all so NEW. It took us a while to get comfortable with each other since we never really lived together nor slept at each other’s places.

I always said that I wanted to do things right. And that’s exactly what I did. I got married first. Even though my husband and I got the keys for our rental, days before the wedding. We didn’t move in together until Our Wedding Night.

I love my Husband so much. I have so many things happening, right now. That I just can’t wait to share.

This happens to be my first blog of the year. Been crazy coming up with content to upload here on my blog and my socials. I think this year, is my year.

Ever since I got this new haircut, I feel motivated to CREATE.

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