YouTube Channels that I LOVE to Watch

Here are some of my favorite YouTubers to watch.

Alisha Marie

Alisha Vlogmas videos are everything but her Haul videos have to my be favorite. I always buy one thing after watching her videos.


Rem’s cooking videos have to be my favorite.


Her DIY videos are amazing. But I love her Truth or Drink videos.

The Aguilars

I love how The Aguilars are. Nestorina is EVERYTHING.


I’m not gonna lie I just started watching their channel this year and I love it.


He is The Baddest Perra and knows how to entertain. His cooking videos are my favorite.


Mady’s planner videos helped me be more organized with my life.

Belinda Selene

I love her cleaning videos. Idk what it is about them, but they are so satisfying.

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